CAA Player of the Year    
Ricardo Capilla   1998
Matthew Delicate   2003
Dominic Oduro   2004
A-10 Offensive Player of the Year    
Jason Johnson   2012
CAA Coach of the Year    
Tim O'Sullivan   1998
Tim O'Sullivan   2002
CAA Defender of the Year    
Erwan LeCrom   1998
Emmanuel Tetiot   1999
Milorad Djordevic   2001
Gonzalo Segares   2002
Gonzalo Segares   2004
CAA Rookie of the Year                                 
Ricardo Capilla   1997



Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi   first team
Jim Larkin   second team
Jim Larkin   first team
Carsten Feuerpfiel   second team
Mervyn Wright   second team
Jim Larkin   first team
Erwan LeCrom   first team
Ricardo Capilla   second team
John Moffatt   second team
Trevor Spencer   second team
Ricardo Capilla   first team
Kevin Jeffrey   first team
Erwan LeCrom   first team
Gilberto Bejarano   first team
Ricardo Capilla   first team
Erwan LeCrom   first team
Roman Otten   second team
Milorad Djordevic   first team
Roman Otten   first team
Randy Ugarte   first team
Gilberto Bejarano   second team
Matthew Delicate   second team
Gregory Premel   second team
Carlos Garay   first team
Gonzalo Segares   first team
Randy Ugarte   first team
McColm Cephas   first team
Matthew Delicate   first team
Gonzalo Segares   first team
Cristian Neagu   second team
Randy Ugarte   second team
Dominic Oduro   first team & rookie team
Gonzalo Segares   first team
Simon Toselli   first team
Saul Montero   second team
Ricardo Opoku   second team & rookie team
Veit Schaidinger   second team
Samuel Asante   rookie team
Veit Schaidinger   first team
Stephen Shirely   first team
Matthijs Maruanaya   second team & rookie team
Andrew Dykstra   rookie team
Matthijs Maruanaya   second team
Gerson Dos Santos   second team & rookie team
Thomas Weingartner   rookie team
Gerson Dos Santos   first team
Dirk Dittrich   second team
Jorit Loehr   second team & rookie team
Sven Meusch   second team
Matthijs Maruanaya   third team
Pat Viray   third team
Dirk Dittrich   first team
Andrew Dykstra   second team
Jorit Loehr   third team
Thomas Huepper   rookie team
Carlos Picado   rookie team
C.J. Gehin-Scott   first team
Lucas Paulini   first team
Thomas Huepper   third team
Jason Johnson   third team & rookie team
Romena Bowie   rookie team
Juan Monge Solano   first team & rookie team
Jason Johnson   second team
Total    70
first team    29
second team    23
third team    5
rookie team    13

Note: VCU began play in the Atlantic 10 Conference in 2012 after being a member of the Colonial Athletic Association from 1995-2011.