RICHMOND, Va. – Senior Emily Mulhern finished a team-high sixth overall in the Paul Short Run Brown 6k this past weekend. She finished with a time of 21:34, which was just seven seconds short of a top-5 finish.                                              

The Paul Short Run was the second time this season in which Mulhern was the Rams top finisher. In the Spider Alumni Open last month, Mulhern finished 3rd overall, posting a time of 11:20.9 in the 2-mile run.

She looks to continue her strong start when the Rams travel to Greenville, N.C. on Oct. 12, for the ECU Pirate Invitational.


Major: Physical Therapy

On favorite movie:

"Pulp Fiction. I just think its got a really weird sense of humor that I like."

On what sport she would play besides Cross Country:

"My other sport that I really loved was swimming, so I think I'd be a swimmer.

On what super power she would choose:

I guess flying. It kind of goes along with running a little bit so I'd probably pick that. 

On what's her dream job:

"My dream job would be the job that I'm pursuing now, and that's physical therapy. I think it'd be really cool to keep working with athletes in that way."

On her favorite animal:

"Oh, a Puffin bird. It's this little milk carton sized penguin looking bird, and I just love them because they mate for life and they're really cute. 

On favorite Cross Country memory:

"This is from my other school, but I guess it'd be when we won ACC's for the first time in like 83 years or something, so that was really great. Then, honestly just this past race this last week was really exciting because I got to see the girls do so much better than they normally do. So that was really exciting for me."

On what she does in her free time:

"I like to play disc golf and I like to bake. I pretty much bake anything but my specialty is breakfast breads."

On who's her role model:

"My role models have just been the teammates that I've had in the past. They really showed me how to find a good balance between running an life in general.

Favorite thing to do in Richmond:

"One thing I've done a couple of times was just going tubing down the river. I'd get in at Pony Pasture and then I'd get off around Belle Isle, so, just going down the rapids has been really fun."

What song she would sing for a million dollars:

"I have no idea. It'd probably be some silly pop song honestly."

What food would she eat for the rest of her life:

"I guess a lot of people would say this… well, you know what, that's hard. I would either do pizza or sandwiches because I am a very big fan of sandwiches."