RICHMOND, Va. – Junior middle blocker Jasmin Sneed was named the Virginia Lottery Student-Athlete of the Week after her performances against George Mason and George Washington. She led the Rams with 14 blocks over the weekend and added 12 total kills as well.

In a 3-0 victory against George Mason, Sneed recorded a team-high five blocks while also earning four kills.

On Sunday against George Washington, Sneed once again provided a strong effort, compiling nine blocks (team-high) and seven kills. The Rams won the match 3-1

Sneed leads the team this season with 116 total blocks and ranks third on the team in kills (134) and points (203.5).


Major: Pre-Nursing

On Favorite Movie:

"Oh that tough. Really tough. When I was younger I used to love this movie called Cradle to the Grave. So that's my default favorite."

On sport she'd play other than volleyball:

"That's tough, I played a lot of sports. Well it'd either be between playing basketball or running track."

On what super power she wants:

"Well, I'm kind of lazy sometimes so I'd say teleportation. Like just being able to teleport anywhere with the snap of a finger. At the snap of a finger I could be on an island somewhere where it's warm, and I could save on flights."

On her dream job

"I definitely want to play professional volleyball overseas. Let's see, if it was like a 9-5, dream job would be being a broadcaster. So a sports announcer or something like that. I'd do it for any sport really, I just think it'd be cool to be on ESPN. "

On her best volleyball memory

"Definitely A-10s last year and winning a championship. Sometimes I just random replay that moment in my head. Just how excited we got and how emotional I got – I cried."

On what she likes to do in her free time:

"Sleep. Or if I have time, I like to explore Richmond. So, when I'm not being lazy, I like to go to places like Belle Isle, other random places in Richmond or maybe go to the mall or something. I just like to explore."

On what song she'd sing for a million dollars:

"Can I rap? Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill. It gets me so hype and I know the song word for word. That's been one of my favorite songs since I've been in high school."

On her choice for what food she could eat everyday for the rest if her life:

"It definitely has to be a Latin dish. Well maybe it would be fish. But now that I said that I think I might get tired of it so I might have to change my answer. I like Tostones, I could eat them forever.

On the two people she'd pick to be stranded on an island with:

"Well it'd definitely be Tyler (Sroufe) from the team. She's entertainment so I need her. My brother would have to be the other one. He's entertainment too so that would be it. I think we would all just have a good time and turn the whole place into a party. Then I feel like people would come and travel to the island.