The Basics

  • Score: VCU 4, Temple 0
  • Records: VCU (20-4), Temple (10-14)
  • Location: Boar's Head Sports Club – Charlottesville, Va.
  • The Short Story: VCU Women's Tennis inched closer to a shot at the Atlantic 10 Championship when they pounded Temple, 4-0, on Friday morning for its 11th straight win and a date in the Atlantic 10 Semifinals on Saturday morning. The Black & Gold rolled to doubles victories at the top two spots and followed that up with three straight set singles matches to secure the win.

How It Happened

  • Freshmen Olga Barscheuskaya and Yukako Noi got things started on the right track with an 8-2 win at the top doubles spot. Senior Josefin Hjertquist and sophomore Cindy Chala followed that up with an 8-3 win at #2 singles to secure the doubles point for the Black & Gold.
  • Barscheuskaya kept things rolling on the singles court with a 6-3, 6-0 win over Ama Osej at the fifth spot in the lineup.
  • Freshman Karina Alesha picked up her second singles win in as many days with a 6-3, 6-1 victory over Minami Okajima at the sixth spot.
  • Junior Olga Terteac wrapped things up for the Rams with a 6-1, 6-3 win over Rebecca Breland at the fourth spot in VCU's lineup.

VCU 4, Temple 0


1. Cindy Chala (VCU) vs. Alicia Doms (TU) 6-0, 3-4, DNF
2. Yukako Noi (VCU) vs. Jordan Batey (TU) 6-4, 3-2, DNF
3. Josefin Hjertquist (VCU) vs. Yana Mavrina (TU) 6-3, 3-1, DNF
4. Olga Terteac (VCU) def. Rebecca Breland (TU) 6-1, 6-3
5. Olga Barscheuskaya (VCU) def. Ama Osei (TU) 6-3, 6-0
6. Karina Alesha (VCU) def. Minami Okajima (TU) 6-3, 6-1

Order of Finish: 5, 6, 4


1. Olga Barscheheuskaya/Yukako Noi (VCU) def. Alicia Doms/Jordan Batey (TU) 8-2
2. Josefin Hjertquist/Cindy Chala def. (VCU) Minami Okajima/Ama Osei (TU) 8-3
3. Yana Mavrina/Rebecca Breland (TU) def. Olga Terteac/Karina Alesha (VCU) 8-5

Order of Finish: 1, 3, 2