RICHMOND, Va.—Commitment is defined as a pledge to a course of action.  Commitment is an action carried out deliberately.  It is synonymous with constancy, dedication, and loyalty.  It is something the VCU Women's Basketball team knows all about.

Players Christina Carter, Robyn Hobson and Chelsea Snyder joined Director of Operations Carolyn Riley at Holman Middle School for a recent celebration of students who demonstrate commitment every day.  These students are chosen by Holman faculty and staff to be honored as a part of the Huskie Values program.  As Division I student-athletes, the women's basketball players were able to give a unique perspective on what it means to be truly committed.

Carter, Hobson and Snyder all are committed athletes—early morning practices, multiple games a week, and late night traveling are just a few things that demonstrate their dedication to being the best basketball players they can be.  But they are also committed students, taking a full slate of classes with all the homework, papers and tests that go along with them.  Riley was able to offer a slightly different perspective, speaking to the importance of committing yourself to working as hard as you can, even if you aren't on the hardwood.  She juggles managing the players, working with the coaches and coordinating team functions everyday. 

When speaking to the middle school students, the women put personal touches on a value that their parents and teachers strive to enforce every day.  By attesting that hard work pays off, no matter if it's on the court, in the classroom, or at the workplace, they were able to show just how far you can get by being committed.