Men's Basketball Season Parking Pass

For the 2019-20 season, all season ticket holders who wish to receive a season long parking pass must purchase a pass. Parking for the 2019-20 season is $140. Based on the number of parking spaces provided by the university, it is estimated that the following donor levels will be assigned a pass in the locations below:

  • Scholarship Society - UU Lot/Marshall Street*/Bowe Street Parking Deck Level 1
  • Platinum Society - Bowe Street Parking Deck Level 1/Bowe Street Parking Deck Level 2
  • Battering Rams - Bowe Street Parking Deck Level 2
  • Champions Society - Bowe Street Parking Deck Level 2
  • Super Rams - Bowe Street Parking Deck Level 2/West Broad Street Parking Deck
  • Director's Society - West Broad Street Parking Deck
  • Black & Gold Society - West Broad Street Parking Deck/Laurel Street Parking Deck
  • Captain's Society - Laurel Street Parking Deck
  • Rams Society - Not Available

In addition, RAF members at the Director's Society and above have the opportunity to purchase one (1) additional parking pass for $140. The additional parking pass will be located in the Laurel Street Parking Deck, located at the intersection of Laurel St and Grace St.

Please note, the parking pass is subject to availability in the Broad and Laurel Street Parking Decks and VCU Athletics cannot guarantee all customers who request parking will receive a pass. Parking will be allocated based on current membership level and then your Ram Ranking. Your account will be refunded if you do not receive a parking pass.

If you have any questions regarding parking, please contact the Ram Athletic Fund at (804) 828-FUND or to make a payment on a parking pass, please contact the VCU Ticket Office at (804) 828-7267.

*Marshall Street Parking is street parking reserved for pass holders in front of the Basketball Development Center.