Rams Volunteer at Anthem Richmond Marathon

RICMOND, Va. – On Saturday, Nov. 10 thousands of people crowded the streets of Richmond to run in the annual Anthem Richmond Marathon.

Along the way they were greeted by members of the VCU Track & Field team who volunteered their Saturday to help the race go off without a hitch.

The Rams helped UPS with bag checking, and cheered the masses through the 26.2-mile course.

"It was a pleasure having the VCU Track & Field team support the Anthem Marathon on Saturday," said UPS Marathon Volunteer Coordinator Carmen Malone. "The team's willingness to volunteer their time, skills and commitment was a vital part of the success we had with offering bag check to the runners participating in this weekend's marathon."

The Track & Field teams are currently preparing for their winter season. The Rams first meet is the CNU Invite in Newport News, Va. on Dec. 8.

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