RICHMOND, Va. – The goal of road trips are usually not to kill someone. Every minute is spent finding some way to entertain yourself and your traveling partners.

When it comes to college athletics, it's no different. Teams spend countless hours in airports, buses, vans and any other mode of transportation known to mankind.

Some popular time-consuming activities enjoyed by student-athletes are catching up on the sleep, doing some school work, texting with friends or perusing through Facebook and Twitter.

Then there is the VCU Field Hockey team.

While the activities listed above are also enjoyed, their main focus other than their opponents on their road trips this year has been completing a music video to the tune of Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love."  

Junior Meg Neylon, a psychology major from Fredericksburg, Va., is the mastermind behind the project and hopes to go viral with this YouTube sensation.

A shoutout from Mr. Bieber or even some love from The Ellen DeGeneres Show is what the hope is, but ultimately, it's all about getting some laughs and enjoying the roadtrips.

While you wait for "The Biebs" or Ellen to some VCU some love, check out the video and enjoy some laughs.