During the regular season VCU Athletics gave Meaghan Neylon a camera to let Ram fans in on how the field hockey team travels. She said in the video that "fun just follows me wherever I go."

Recently VCU Athletic Communications Student Assistant Andrew Phillips sat down with Neylon to see how exactly how the fun follows her.

AP: Why did you decide to come to VCU?
I decided to come to VCU because Kelly and Shannon were great. The atmosphere of Richmond is just amazing, and I immediately fell in love with VCU.

AP: What is your favorite place on VCU's campus?
Probably Cary Street field since we are there all the time anyway.

AP: Who inspired you to get involved with field hockey?
Besides my parents, my high school coach Jim Larkin. He was the first person to ever truly believe in me, and taught me how to fall in love with the game. He has taught me so much as a player and person, and I never thank him enough for that.

AP: What is the funniest/most embarrassing moment that has happened to you on the field hockey field?
MN: One day at practice I went in the shed to drop my bag off. As I was walking out, Rachel Whitt came out from behind the door and scared me. I literally fell off of my feet, and on to the ground. Thank goodness not many people saw her knock me off my feet.

AP: Who is your funniest teammate?
Although she doesn't think she is, it has to be Rymme van Dessel. She has a few "crack"cidents every once in awhile, but she can always make you laugh.

AP: If you could travel to any place in the world where would you go?
I would go somewhere warm like Aruba. Get away from this cold weather!

AP:  If you could have dinner with any three people in the world who would they be and why?
My two little sisters Mackenzie and Kelsey because I don't see them enough, and definitely Chelsea Handler. She is hilarious.

AP: Who is a better field hockey player Coach McQuade or Coach Karl?
Good question. I will play it safe and say they are both equally great players.

Quick Hits....Favorites:

Place to eat in Richmond? Mojo's
TV Show? Glee, I am the world's biggest gleek
Movie? My Best Friend's Wedding
Singer/Artists/Band? Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj
Favorite Place to Play in the CAA besides VCU? James Madison
Pro Sports Team? Red Sox
Athlete? Dara Torres
Sport to watch besides baseball at VCU? Basketball, of course

August 29, 2010 LATE CORNER DOOMS VCU, 2-1