Rams Volunteer at Local Baseball Camp

Richmond, Va. – The VCU Baseball team took a little time out of its weekend to volunteer at a baseball camp at nearby Chesterfield Little League this past Saturday afternoon.

VCU Baseball players senior Brent Mikionis, juniors Joey Cujas, Ryan Morrison, sophomores Matt Lees, Heath Dwyer, and freshmen Dan Black, Walker Haymaker and James Bunn all attended the event to help teach the game they love. 

The Rams spent time teaching over 90 kids the fundamentals of the game, as well as helping them with hitting and fielding drills.

"It was an honor to go and help out at Chesterfield Little League," Cujas said. "Anytime we get the chance to help out in the community, it is always worth it, and it was fun being able to teach the game of baseball to the kids."

On Saturday, Sept. 15 the Rams took their skills clinic to Lakeside Little League. Again, almost 50 kids were in attendance to learn from the Rams (the group pictured).

Baseball players that volunteered were seniors Jordan Weymouth, Taylor Buran, juniors Bill Cullen, Landon Prentiss, Jordan Storey, Nick Octavi, freshmen Michael Thomas, and Cody Acker.

The Rams are in the midst of their fall workouts, in preparation for the 2013 season.