Nominate someone for the VCU Athletics Hall of Fame

The Virginia Commonwealth University Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1989 to honor those individuals who have distinguished themselves in the field of intercollegiate athletics.

The University has produced some of the most outstanding athletes in the commonwealth of Virginia and the nation. In addition, there have been special supporters of VCU Athletics who have made significant contributions, demonstrated sustained support and displayed a lifelong commitment to the program. This Hall of Fame highlights the careers of individuals who have advanced the ideals of, or has made significant contributions to, VCU Athletics.

To qualify for the VCU Athletics Hall of Fame, an athlete, coach, administrator or other individual must meet the following criteria:

  1. The candidate must be of good character and exemplify the citizenship of persons representing the interests of Virginia Commonwealth University.
  2. Athletes most have earned at least two letters at VCU. The athlete also must be five years removed from the expiration of his or her collegiate eligibility. Athletes must receive a degree from VCU to be eligible for induction.
  3. A coach or administrator must have served on the University’s athletic staff for at least four years. The coach or athletic administrator must depart their position within the VCU Department of Athletics prior to consideration for the Hall of Fame.
  4. An athletic department supporter must have demonstrated sustained service and made outstanding contributions to the overall VCU Athletics program. The level of support is not measured strictly in monetary terms, but based upon enthusiasm and devotion to the program.
  5. The individual must be so outstanding that there is not question as to his or her qualifying for such an honor. Therefore, all candidates must win approval from a minimum of 80 percent of the Hall of Fame committee present at the selection meeting to win induction.
Name Sport Year Inducted
Ed Allen Coach/Administrator 1989
Gerald Henderson Men's Basketball 1989
A. Kemp Rowe Athletic Booster/Benefactor 1989
Inge Schuurmans Cross Country 1989
Norm Schellenger Tennis 1990
Charles & Rhoda Thalhimer Benefactors 1990
Dr. Virgil R. May Orthopaedic Surgeon 1990
Becky Crow West Women's Basketball 1990
Edmund Sherod Men's Basketball 1990
Len Creech Men's Basketball 1990
Calvin Duncan Men's Basketball 1991
Idalis Otero Volleyball 1991
Earl McIntyre Administrator 1991
James Austin Baseball 1992
Mike Hohl Swimming 1992
Rolando Lamb Men's Basketball 1992
Candice Somerville Volleyball 1992
Celly Chamberlain Field Hockey 1993
Brenda Smith-Foster Women's Basketball 1993
Lorenza "Ren" Watson Men's Basketball 1993
Kelly Hoover Women's Basketball 1994
Dr. Edmund Ackell Administrator 1994
Theresa Williams-Harvey Women's Basketball/Field Hockey 1996
JD Barnett Men's Basketball Coach 1996
Charles Wilkins Men's Basketball 1996
Jerry DiPoto Baseball 1997
Phil Stinnie Men's Basketball 1997
Eric Dade Soccer 2000
Fredrik Eliasson Tennis 2000
Anna (Pavlikhina) Fitzgerald Women's Basketball 2000
Kendrick Warren Men's Basketball 2000
Matt Williams Baseball 2001
Bernard Harris Men's Basketball 2001
Jack Bell Golf Coach 2003
Donna Pegram Women's Track & Field 2004
Brandon Inge Baseball 2004
John Rollins Golf 2004
Maria-Elena Calle Women's Track & Field/Cross Country 2005
Jim Larkin Men's Soccer 2005
Don Clatterbough Baseball 2005
Bernard Hopkins Men's Basketball 2005
Terry Sisisky Voice of the Rams 2009
Wendy Wadsworth Field Hockey/Tennis/Volleyball 2009
Richard Wernerhjelm Men's Tennis 2010
George Gay Baseball 2010
Dr. Thomas Loughran Team Physician 2011
Marni Voorhees Field Hockey 2011
Daniel Andersson Men's Tennis 2011
Martina (Nedelkova) Somoano Women's Tennis 2017
Matthew Delicate Men's Soccer 2017
Jenn Parsons Women's Soccer 2017
Kristine Austgulen Women's Basketball 2017
Boris Kodjoe Men's Tennis 2017
Eric Maynor Men's Basketball 2017
Paul Keyes Baseball 2018
Quanitra Hollingsworth Women's Basketball 2018
Domonic Jones Men's Basketball 2018
Alycia Yoder Wood Field Hockey 2018
Sandra Anger Matute Women's Soccer 2018
Frank Moser Men's Tennis 2018