Mission Statement
The Mission of Virginia Commonwealth University's Strength and Conditioning Program is to provide Virginia Commonwealth University athletes with the tools to develop and optimize their athletic capabilities. Athletes will also maximize their potential through the development of their character, work ethic, and self discipline.

Training Philosophy
The basic training philosophy of the Virginia Commonwealth University Strength and Conditioning department is to teach athletes how to control their bodies and physical actions both on the court/field and in the weight room. This is done through the use of ground based, free weight programs, which teach an athlete proprioception, or the athlete's awareness of their bodies in space. Athletes are taught to apply force rapidly and/or at high velocities through the use of speed-strength training. Each strength and conditioning program is designed specifically for an individual sport and then modifications are made to fit each athlete within that sport. These modifications are made to fit an individual's strength or weaknesses as well as their sport position needs.

The programs are designed to challenge the athletes on a daily basis in order to keep them fresh and excited.

We believe that strength, speed, and conditioning is a privilege that must be utilized to the fullest whenever the opportunity arises.


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Tim Kontos
Associate A.D. for Sports
Performance & Student Athlete Wellness

Donald Brown
Director of Sports Performance
for Men's Basketball 

Guil Moreira
Assistant Sports
Performance Coach 

Ryan Metzger
Assistant Sports
Performance Coach 

Sport Responsbilities:
Volleyball, Baseball,
Track Sprinters & Jumpers
Sport Responsbilities:
Men's Basketball
Sport Responsbilities:
Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer

Sport Responsbilities:
Lacrosse, Field Hockey,
Cross Country, Track & Field

E-mail: takontos@vcu.edu Email: browndc8@vcu.edu Email: gmoreira@vcu.edu Email: rmetzger@vcu.edu  
Phone: 804 305-3720 Phone: 804-827-1522 Phone: 804-827-1365 Phone: 804-827-1365


Michael McCaughtry
Graduate Assistant

Buddy Donnelly
Director of Sports Performance
for Women's Basketball 






 Sport Responsibilities:
Track & Field Throwers, Men's & Women's Tennis,
Men's Golf

Sport Responsibilities:
Women's Basketball