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Will anyone retain their current seats?

Capital Campaign members will be given the first opportunity to retain their current seat location, provided they donate at least the minimum Ram Athletic Fund gift required for the Black and Gold level ($1,000), and remain within the new priority seat limits. Capital Campaign members can opt to out of their original campaign seats and may select their seats by their

Ram Ranking with all other season ticket holders.

All other season ticket holders will receive a selection time according to their Ram Ranking and in the event their previous seats are still available, they can reserve these seats at that time, as long as the season ticket holder meets the required donor level.

If I had season tickets this year (2012-13), am I guaranteed to have season tickets next year (2013-14)?

No, unfortunately, due to Ram Athletic Fund members ordering season tickets up to their priority seat limits, corporate contractual agreements, player family tickets, etc., there could be instances where we cannot accommodate seat requests from patrons who placed deposits on season tickets. The seat requests that cannot be accommodated will be refunded their deposit.

How many tickets can I order?

Season ticket orders are subject to availability and priority seat limit guidelines. The priority seat limits dictate the maximum number of seats an individual or account may purchase. See page 4 for the new priority seat limits. Non-Ram Athletic Fund members may only purchase a maximum of two seats.

Note: Seats will be selected based on Ram Ranking and availability, and there is no guarantee that all seat requests can be fulfilled.

How can I improve my Ram Ranking and position myself for the best available seat location?

Increase your Ram Athletic Fund donation to a higher donor level prior to June 21, 2013. It is important to note that you must maintain this donor level annually or your seat location will be reassigned in future years. Your annual donation by June 21, 2013 and Ram Ranking by June 30, 2013 will be the factors in your seat selection area, quantity and time.

Note: You can contact the Ram Athletic Fund at 804-828-FUND (3863) to make a gift that will increase your Ram Ranking.

If I have Tommy J. West Club seats or Floor Level seats, will they be subject to the Seat Equity Plan?

No. At this time Club and Floor Level seats are not subject to the Seat Equity Plan.

Do Tommy J. West Club seats and Floor Level seats count toward ticket priority limits?

Yes. The total number of seats you have on the floor, in the club level or in the arena count towards the priority seat limits, determined by your current donor level.

How can I know where my seats will be next year?

It will be impossible to know the exact location prior to your appointment time with the online selection program. Displayed on page 5 of the Seat Equity Plan,  is the new priority seating map as a reference for the required Ram Athletic Fund donation to sit in selected areas.