RICHMOND, Va. - Once again, the VCU Volleyball team has found itself right in the middle of the CAA race and adding players such as sophomore middle blocker Jasmine Waters has certainly helped that.

Before the Rams head into another key conference weekend, Waters sat down with VCU Athletic Communications Student Assistant Andrew Westcott to let us know a little more about her.

AW- How did you earn the nickname "Jazz"?
JW - Jazz is just the most common nickname for people name Jasmine. Nothing special haha. My new nickname given by the team is Grandma Fey because of the way I walk... and sometimes how slowly I move.

AW- What is your major and why?
JW - I am a chemistry major with a concentration in biochemistry. I chose this major b/c I took a biochemistry course my junior year in high school and discovered I liked the topic a lot. And it fulfills all the requirements to get into dental school which I plan to do in the near future.

AW- Do you and your teammates have any pregame rituals?
JW - During stretching we have our "battle cry" which is just when we scream while sprinting, then we do our team "rap" while switching jerseys, and finally the VCU cheer on the court immediately before the game.

AW- Where is your favorite place to go on campus and why?
JW - I don't really have a favorite place on campus yet because I'm new and still haven't seen it all...but at this moment I would have to say "Rumors". They have some interesting things in there.

AW- Who inspired you to get into volleyball?
JW - This girl I went to high school with who was already on the team. She brought me down to practice one day and the coach immediately took me in. Her name is Ashley Harris. She's a senior on the volleyball team at Winston Salem St.

AW- What are your goals for the remainder of the 2010 season?
JW - Lead or make the top 3 in the conference for blocking. And of course win the conference tournament!

AW- What standouts the most about college life in Richmond as apposed to college life in Philadelphia?
JW- Philly was really a "sports city" with their baseball, hockey, basketball etc. So it's difficult to get people to support college sports. All the collegiate sports around here are really supported by the students and those who live in the area. I love it.

AW- Where do you see yourself following your collegiate career?
JW - Either entering into dental school or playing overseas.

Quick Hits-

Favorite song right now? No Hands by Waka Flocka Flame
Comedian?  Kevin Hart
Restaurant in Richmond? Karen's City Diner
Biggest pet peeve? PDA's (Public Display of Affection) haha
Sand or Hardwood Court? Hardwood!
Most standout VCU athlete you have encountered? Marisa Low and Ivana Rich