RICHMOND, Va. - The VCU Volleyball team has barely had a second to catch their breath this season. The team's schedule as sent them to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Colorado to name a few stops along the way. 

When the team returned home, VCU Athletics' student assistant Andrew Phillips had a chance to catch up with sophomore Marisa Low to find out a little bit more about the Rams' libero. 

AP: Why did you decide to come to VCU?
ML: I wanted to play D1 and experience what it was like living on the east coast.

AP: Do you have a nickname on the team?
Mo, but my teammates decided to call me pretty much anything that has mo in it (Mojo, Momo, Molow, Mo Monies)

AP: Do you have any unique talents?
I'm a beast at ping pong.

AP: Favorite thing to do on a road trip with the team?
ML: Play games in the back of the bus with my teammates

AP: Best thing about playing home matches at the Siegel Center?
Throwing the shirts/balls into the stands when announced and my family can watch the games online.

AP: Best memory at VCU so far?
ML: Beating William and Mary in the semifinals of the CAA tournament last year at the Siegel Center.

AP:  What do you want to do after college?
ML: Hopefully play in Europe for a year, preferably Greece and then attend Dental School somewhere back home. 

Quick Hits

Favorite Place to eat in Richmond? Millie's
The Gladiator
TV show?
Toss up between Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family
Too many, can't choose
Place to play in the CAA other then VCU?
Delaware because one of my old teammates plays there
Pro Sports Team? Chargers charge!!!!
Athlete? Tiger Woods minus his extracurricular activities
Favorite VCU team to watch other then volleyball? Confession: Never really gone to many other games...but probably basketball