The VCU women's soccer team had only one senior on their 2010 roster. With 19 roster members being freshman and sophomores, the future for Rams soccer is very promising.

One of the key members of those 19 is sophomore Gabby Wilson, who recently sat down with VCU Athletics Student Assistant Scott Wyant, to see what keeps her busy off of the pitch.

SW: What made you decide to come to VCU?
GW: I decided to go to VCU because it is the perfect distance from my house. It close enough for me to go home in a day if I need to, but far enough for me to know I am away from home. Also I love Tim and Tiff and their attitude towards the soccer program, they said they could make me a better soccer player and that is exactly what I want to do. VCU also has a lot to offer academically and I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in so I wanted to make sure once I knew what I wanted to do, the school I was attending would offer it.

SW: What do you plan to do during the off-season that you couldn't do in-season?
GW: Now that off-season has begun I plan to play indoor at the Cary St. Gym almost every night. I also plan to go visit my friends at their colleges and have more people visit me over the weekends now that I have more time.

SW: When did you score your first goal?
GW: I scored my first goal my freshman year against GMU, but for some reason, still to this day, no one knows why the ref called it back. I asked her what the foul as and she couldn't even answer me. Don't worry though I scored again in the first game of my sophomore year against ECU. It tied the game up 1-1, but I still count the one at GMU =)

SW: Who has been the biggest influence on your soccer career?
GW: The biggest influence in my soccer career has been all the members in my family. If it wasn't my older brother, Alex, playing with me outside, then it was my dad always watching my games and giving constructive criticism. My mom has always been my biggest supporter and my sister always reminds me its just a game and to relax once in awhile. They have all influenced me and I probably wouldn't be here without them.

SW: What has been your favorite moment in your past two years as a Ram?
GW: My favorite moment being a ram was probably this past preseason almost every member of our team came back from summer fit. Nearly everyone passed the fitness test (10 120s). My freshman year was not the case, a handful of people, including myself, were not physically ready for the season and it hurt us badly.

SW: What are you studying at VCU?
GW: I am double majoring in Psychology and Economics, but I plan to go to grad school for Economics and pursue business.

SW: What is the best part of being a student athlete?
GW: The best part about being a student athlete is all the people you make connections with and all of the places you would normally never travel to. Our team is very diverse and I probably would never have met half these girls any other way than through soccer. Next year we are going to California for a soccer trip and normally I would never be able to travel to California, but because I am a student athlete I get to participate in these wonderful traveling opportunities.

SW: If you had an all-expenses paid vacation where would you go, and what would you do?
GW: I would take my sister, Sandrine, my brother, Alex, and my cousin, Megan, to Barbados and we would swim, jet ski, and relax by the ocean during the day and then go out dancing and clubbing at night.


Dream Job: to be the Real Madrid head coach =)
Favorite athlete:
Zidine Zidane
Favorite place to eat in Richmond: Sticky Rice
Favorite VCU sport to follow (other than women's soccer):
Men's Soccer
right now... its How to Train Your Dragon
TV show: The Office
Most Played song on your i-Pod:
Running from Lions by All Time Low
"Always Compete."