RICHMOND, Va. - The VCU Women's Basketball team is full of fresh faces, all of which bring a boatload of talent to the Black & Gold and who look to continue the trend of 20-plus win seasons and postseason appearances.

Freshman Robyn Parks is one of those newcomers that has a bright future ahead of her. Prior to hitting the practice court this week, Parks sat down with VCU Athletic Communications Student Assistant Nan Turner and talked about what she's like off the hardwood.

NT: What made you decide to come to VCU?
RP: I liked how the team interacted with one another

NT: What was/is the biggest transition being a college freshman?
RP: Time management

NT: If you had a million dollars what would you buy?
RP: I would buy my grandma and my parents whatever they want

NT: What is your favorite thing to do at VCU?
RP: Sleep when I'm not practicing or in class

NT: Who has had the biggest influence on your basketball career?
RP: My father and my older brother

NT: What is the hardest part of practice?
RP: Drills dealing with defense

NT: What do you do to relax on an off day?
RP: Sleep the day away

NT: Is there anyone you model your play after?
RP: This girl named Robyn Parks


Favorite place to eat in Richmond: Tropical Smoothie

Favorite team: Don't have one

Part of the holiday season: Being with family

Class (this semester): None!!!!!!!!!!!!

TV Show: Saved by the Bell

Pre-game meal: I enjoy all the pre-game meals

Dream job: Forensic scientist

Quote: "Fake it till you make it" - coach Cunningham!