VCUATHLETICS.COM CATCHES UP WITH FORMER RAM QUANITRA HOLLINGSWORTH recently caught up with former first round draft pick Quanitra Hollingsworth to talk about her first two seasons playing for the WNBA's Minnesota Lynx. Now in your second season with the Lynx, what would you say has been the biggest difference/adjustment from your rookie year?

QH: The biggest adjustment from my rookie year is the expectations; there are no more excuses of experience or age. We are all here to do a job and I must do my part with less room for error because I have done this before. Aside from this, I also have a task of being a leader to the rookie(s)! Since the WNBA decreased its roster size, how much more difficult/competitive has it been to secure a spot on the team?

QH: I believe the roster cut has been more of a blessing in that everyone has a valued position on their team's roster. The difficulty to make a team is evident with the so many great players who are out of a job this season; however, the competitiveness has always been there amongst the league. What are some of the most important things you have learned from your coaches and veteran teammates?

QH: Some of the most important things that I have taken away from these past two years would be, more so, how to carry myself as a professional young woman. I learned that this lifestyle is very rare and that every moment should be treated as my last - on the court and even in the "spotlight" of so many fans. How has your role on the team changed/evolved in your second season?

QH: I believe my role on the team has not changed much; however, I can say that the team's reliability on me has evolved in that they know what I can do and expect just that whenever I am coming in behind any of the all-stars. What has surprised you most about the WNBA?

QH: It was surprising to me that so many of the women, like me, in the WNBA do have goals outside of playing basketball. A vast majority are complete women with passions, families (i.e. spouses and children) and other career goals in addition to being a professional athlete. Can you talk about your overseas experience? Where did you play?

QH: I played in Vilnius, Lithuania. I must say that the overseas experience is something much different from playing professionally in the U.S. The roles and style of play change drastically; yet, I feel that it is a great opportunity to see the world and develop as a more complete player. How did playing overseas help improve your game?

QH: I really had a chance to play "my game" and get back to those things that I pride myself in. It was also a time for me to work on my weaknesses and try them in a competitive environment rather than just in individual workouts. What is your favorite part about being a WNBA player?

QH: My favorite part about being a WNBA player is the position I have been placed in as a role model and public figure. I have been given the opportunity to help others in a bigger light than I would have been able to do otherwise. How are WNBA road trips different than VCU road trips?

QH: The biggest difference between WNBA road trips and VCU road trips is that there is a lot more independence. You are responsible for your own meals and have all time to yourself. The one obligation is that you be where you need to be with the team when you need to be there ready to do your job! We are all grown women and this defines the biggest difference between the college level and professional level. What do you miss most about VCU?

QH: More than anything, I simply miss my teammates, coaches, fans, friends, etc. I was in my comfort zone for five years of my life. I grew up so much there! They sent me off with what I needed; however, sometimes you just miss the faces. What do you like best about living in Minnesota?

QH: Minneapolis, Minn., is a great city during the summer months! I am only here then so I don't get to experience the awful winters, unfortunately [laughing]. It seems to remind me a lot of back home [in Chesapeake, Va.] because it is a busy yet simple life at the same time, and if you are looking for entertainment, it is readily available as well. What are your career goals after the WNBA? Do you have any coaching aspirations?

QH: After the WNBA and my overseas playing careers have ended, I intend to work in the corporate world. I still have a passion for computer science and operations research; so, I am sure that will be the career path I will take. Also, I will continue to be a community figure. I do not have coaching aspirations; however, I would entertain the thought of being an owner or manager on some level of the game!