He'll forever be remembered by the VCU faithful for his energy, game-changing talents and ability to connect with the sellout crowds at the Verizon Wireless Arena at the Stuart C. Siegel Center.

Nowadays Larry Sanders can be found in cities across the country working out for numerous NBA franchises.

Scott Day of caught up with "LS-1" while he was making away to his next workout for the NBA Draft.

Scott Day: First of all, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule, big fella. How many teams have you worked out for so far?

Larry: To be honest, I'm not sure at this point. I know I'm scheduled to work out for about 15-16 teams and I know I'm over halfway done. I've been to so many workouts, they all run together [laughs].

SD: What have the workouts been like? Tougher than you expected? What do they run you through?

Larry: Well, it's a lot of different things they run you through, but each one is about the same. Some have been tough, but for the most part, it's what I expected. I knew it would be very competitive and I would have to bring my "A" game every time. We usually start with a lot of skill work with the other guys in the workout, then some one-on-one full court or three-on-three full court. It's basketball, so it's always fun for me.

SD: How's the feedback been so far?

Larry: It's all been really positive. A lot of teams aren't really sure what to expect when I come in and compete against guys from the so-called bigger schools, but I think a lot of people have been pleasantly surprised with how I can compete against those guys.

SD: Speaking of the guys you've been working out with, who have you seen the most of as far as guys you've competed against?

Larry: I've seen Epke Udoh from Baylor a couple times, Cole Aldrich from Kansas, Daniel Orton and Patrick Patterson from Kentucky, Samardo Samuels from Louisville, Jarvis Vanardo from Mississippi State and Trevor Booker from Clemson.

SD: What have you been working on the most since leaving here?

Larry: I've been working on my overall game, but specifically my jump shot which has improved a ton. My ball handling is another focus, as well as trying to show team I can transition to the four position if they need me to.

SD: What are some things that you learned during your time at VCU that you are applying to your workouts?

Larry: One thing that being at VCU taught me is to always bring my energy and work ethic to everything I do. No matter what anyone is doing, I have to continue to bring those two things because that's what separates me from the pack. A lot of guys have been up tight and a little nervous at these workouts and I know if I stay focused on bringing my energy, I'll be able to show what I'm capable of.

SD: The mock drafts have been predicting you all over the place, do you read them at all? Do you even care what they say?

Larry: Honestly, I don't care. My agent has said a couple things about different spots or teams, but overall, I haven't really read any of them. The Director of Player Personnel for the Bucks had some good things to say about me today, which is great, but really, I'm just excited about any opportunity I'm given.

SD: What's been the most challenging part about this process for you?

Larry: [laughs] You know what's funny, it's really been trying to contain my excitement. I know that this is something that very few people get to experience and every time I get to work out for a team or every time I think about hearing my name called, I just get excited. I'm just trying to enjoy every moment of the ride.

SD: Has the travel been difficult? And to go along with that, what's been the favorite stop so far?

Larry: For me, the travel hasn't been difficult at all, it's actually been really fun. Every stop has been great, but maybe the two cities that have surprised me the most are Milwaukee and Toronto. Milwaukee reminds me of Richmond a little bit because it's an older city with a lot of brick buildings and cathedrals, it's really nice. I really wasn't sure what to expect in Toronto, but I loved it. It's a great city.

SD: Other than the obvious answer of Oklahoma City with E-Maynor, what would be the ideal team?

Larry: You know what, at this point, I just want a team that really wants me and is excited to have me join the organization. I just want a chance to fit in and help the team win because that's what it's all about. I don't have room to be picky, I just want the opportunity to contribute.

SD: Finally, you have anything to say to the Ram Nation?

Larry: I really don't know where to start. They have been such a big part of the support system that has gotten me to where I'm at today and I can't thank them enough. I just want to be as strong an ambassador for VCU Basketball as I can.