RICHMOND, Va. - The VCU golf team is entering a new era with a brand new indoor facility, a luxury van and hopes for an NCAA Tournament bid every spring.

Junior Evan Boyer is a part of the exciting era of VCU golf and VCU Athletic Communications Student Assistant Scott Wyant was able to catch up with him to see what he's up to this fall. 

SW: Why did you choose VCU?
EB: Transferred here in the middle of my freshman year-- Coach found me in a junior tournament three days before New Years 2009 and I was enrolled at VCU a week later... long story.

SW: How did you pick up the sport of Golf?
EB: I never played 18 holes of competitive golf until my sophomore year of high school. My dad took me out to the driving range once in a while, but I never really had a passion for it until I started to compete.

SW: What is your greatest athletic accomplishment pre-VCU?
EB: Winning the PJGT Tour Championship the week before I graduated high school. I'd always psyched myself out of bigger events and I led that one wire-to-wire.

SW: Greatest accomplishment here at VCU?
EB: Helping the team win the CAA Championship my freshman year. I holed a shot from 100 yards on my 17th hole the last day, we tied Georgia State and beat them in sudden death.

SW: What are the team goals for this season?
EB: We want to be competitive everywhere we play-- we have one of the best schedules in the country-- and ultimately reach the NCAA tournament come next May.

SW: How did you spend your summer?
EB: Driving to golf tournaments... I drove as far as Birmingham, Alabama and Savannah, Georgia up to Richmond and Portsmouth, VA. It's a lot of time in the car, but I like traveling and looking around different cities when I'm not on the golf course.

SW: Who's the funniest golfer on the team?
EB: "Coach" Vinny Nadeau

SW: What would your advice be for Charles Barkley? Swing advice for him?
EB: Keep talking, you are a genius. For his swing, just give up.

Quick Hits

Favorite Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
TV show: House
Place to eat in Richmond: Can Can
Homemade meal: Lasagna
Vacation spot: Cape Cod
Golf course: Atlanta Athletic Club
Sport other than golf: Basketball
Athlete: Chad Johnson
Quote: Every new day is another chance to change your life.