Pitching on Friday nights is the ultimate goal for any collage starting pitcher. Sophomore Blake Hauser accomplished that goal in only his first season with the Black and Gold.

Hauser will look to continue to provide the Rams with strong starting pitching  throughout the 2011 season. The Chesterfield native sat down with VCU Athletics Communication Student Assistant Andrew Phillips to see what keeps him busy when he is off the mound.

AP: Why did you decide to come to VCU?
 I wanted to be a part of a winning program, and I also liked that my family and friends could come watch me pitch at the Division I level. VCU is  25 minutes from my house.

AP:  What is the best part about VCU?
My team without a question.

AP: What is one thing that most people don't know about you?
I can't do anything with technology. My roommate last year, Robert Malan, had to make me a Facebook. Even now Rob and Ryan have to show me how to do everything when it comes to the computer.

AP: Who is your funniest teammate?
Paul Nice

AP: Who inspired you to get involved with game of baseball?
My dad, ever since I can remember baseball was something we always shared. Every day after school we would go in the back yard, and do something involving baseball.

AP:  Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?
I'm not a superstitious person. But I always go over the scouting report, and mentally think of how I am going to pitch each batter.

AP:  If you could play in any big league stadium which one, and why?
Turner Field, because I have been an Atlanta  Braves fan my entire life.

AP:  How would you fair starting against VCU's line up?
Our team has some good hitters, but I've pitched against them, so many times now I have a good idea of how to pitch them. I think I could do pretty well.

Quick Hits - Favorite...

Place to eat in Richmond? Roney's BBQ
TV Show? Outdoor Network
Movie? Field of Dreams
Singer/Artists/Band? Jason Aldean
Favorite Place to Play in the CAA besides VCU?  UNCW
Pro Sports Team?  Dallas Cowboys
Athlete? Justin Verlander
Sport to watch besides baseball at VCU? Basketball