During his two year VCU baseball career, Taylor Perkins has seen playing time at almost every position on the field. He has been an outfielder, infielder, catcher, and even has a couple of innings of relief pitching under his belt.

VCU Athletic Communications' student assistant Andrew Phillips caught up with Perkins, to see what the junior has been up to during the offseason.

AP: Why did you decide to come to VCU?
TP: I came to VCU because I was given an opportunity to compete at the Division I level while still receiving a first-rate education.

AP: Best moment of your VCU career thus far?
TP: Without a doubt, the best moment of my VCU career thus far was winning the CAA Tournament last year. It was really gratifying to obtain a goal for which we had worked so hard.

AP: Goals for the upcoming season?
First and foremost, I'd like for us to win the CAA regular-season title along with the tournament again, I want to win forty games this season, and I want us to advance to a NCAA Super Regional.

AP: Do you have any unique/ hidden talents?
I'm a trivia fiend. Does that count?

AP:  Could you get a hit off of pitching coach Shawn Stiffler?
Is this a real question? Of course, I could. He'll probably bean me after reading this interview, but it's ok.

AP:  If you could be on any other VCU team what would it be and why?
TP: That's a difficult question, as I am terrible at every sport except baseball. If I had to choose, I'd play golf, but I'm not very good at that, either.

AP:  Funniest on field moment in your VCU baseball career?
In the first game of our first series last year at Charleston Southern, I was called on to pinch-hit for the catcher. I hit a line-drive to centerfield for a base hit and was pretty stoked. After the third out of the inning was made and we were taking the field, I realized that I was going to have to catch the last inning. I had never caught in an actual game before and was terrified. Shaking, I suited up and began to warm up the pitcher. Compounding this already difficult situation, Charleston Southern's best hitter was leading off the inning. Coach Stiffler signaled in the pitch, but in my nervousness, I called a completely different one. The batter smashed a double into left-center, and I soon realized that I had called the wrong pitch. We ended up winning the game, but every time I screw up on the baseball field, I remember that moment. Everything else pales in comparison.

AP: Favorite thing to do on a road trip with your team?
Sleep...that's not a team activity, though.

Quick Hits


Place to eat in Richmond?
Lee's Chicken
TV Show? Chappelle's Show or Swamp People.
Movie? The Godfather
Singer/Artists/Band? Coheed & Cambria.
Favorite Place to Play in the CAA besides VCU? George Mason
Pro Sports Team? Carolina Panthers
Athlete? Either Michael Young of the Texas Rangers or DeAngelo Williams of the Carolina Panthers
Sport to watch besides baseball at VCU? Basketball