While the World Series is right around the corner, the VCU Baseball team is hard at work in their fall practices preparing to defend their CAA Championship during the spring.

VCU Athletics Student Assistant Andrew Phillips caught up with Paul Nice, a key member of last year's championship team, to see what has been keeping him busy during the offseason.

AP: Why did you decide to come to VCU?
 VCU is close enough to home that I could sneak home and hunt without coach knowing. And quite frankly, it's Division I baseball.

AP: Funniest moment that has happened to you on the field?
PN: I squared around to bunt, and then realized that the pitch was a lot more up and in than I had thought, because it hit me in the face. The reason it was funny is because I had to face the guys for a week with a black eye, I was embarrassed.

AP: One thing most people don't know about you?
Off the baseball field my focus is fishing, I am the greatest fisherman alive. If it wasn't for Coach Keyes asking me to help the team, I would be fishing in the Bassmaster Classic.

AP: What would you like to do after graduation?
After graduation I want to get married, have three kids, and fish every day. This will take place after I play for the Baltimore Orioles for five seasons, and win the World Series five times.

AP: Favorite thing to do while on the road with the team?
I love imitating Coach Keyes for his actions on and off the field. It's quite fun to watch, so pay attention to him next time. I also love imitating our bus driver "Rich Boy," the guys always get a kick out of that.

AP: Who inspires you the most?
Good ol' JC inspires me the most. JC as in Jesus Christ, and I'm very serious. I'm a Christian and knowing what Jesus went through in life is truly unbelievable. I wouldn't be here today playing for the Rams if it wasn't for him. I can only pray and try my best to live a life remotely close to Jesus.

AP: What actor would play you in the Paul Nice movie?
Without a doubt Jim Carrey would play the role of Paul Nice. And I say that because he is handsome and quite the comedian. Sometimes it scares me how much he reminds me of myself!!

AP: If you could have dinner with three people who are they and why?
I would have dinner with Jim Carrey, Cal Ripken Jr., and Jesus Christ. Jim would bring laughter, Cal would help me with baseball, and Jesus would make sure we just drank sweet tea.

Quick Hits


Place to eat in Richmond?  Shafer Dining Hall.You never know what they have to eat that day, but one thing you do know is that "Beverly" at the top of the stairs will always welcome you you with a "Heeeey Baby!!!" She can make anyone smile on a bad day.
Movie? Dumb and Dumber
TV show? That 70's Show
Place to play in the CAA other then VCU? UNC Wilmington
Pro Sports Team? Baltimore Orioles
Athlete? Cal Ripken Jr.
Favorite VCU team to watch other then baseball? Basketball