If you’re not feeling well, you’re not playing well. Student-athletes face all the stressors experienced by other students, as well as stressors unique to being an athlete. It’s no wonder that about half of all student-athletes say that the stress of their sport significantly affects their mental health. Free, confidential personal counseling is available to all VCU student-athletes to help them perform at their peak both physically and mentally. 

Check out the videos, articles, audios, and links below. They'll will help you understand the psychological concerns of student-athletes, show you the benefits of counseling, and give you suggestions on how to approach someone else you may be concerned about.


Videos from Mental Health Awareness Week. The first 11 minutes of each of these videos contains information about how to recognize the signs of distress in a teammate or yourself and how to get help. The remainder of these videos presents information about the topics listed on the thumbnails: The Psychology of Feeling Awesome, Mindfulness for Athletes, and Stress Management for Sport Performance.

The Psychology of Feeling Awesome

Mindfulness for Athletes

Stress Management for Sport Performance


Short Informational Videos. Below are three mental health training videos. The first one explains the stressors experienced by student-athletes and gives suggestions on how to cope with them. The second describes the signs and symptoms of being stressed out. The third explains how to get help for yourself or for someone you're concerned about. Click on the video to get the full-screen button for a better view.

Part 1 - How to be a Happy Ram

Part 2 - Stressed or Stressed Out?

Part 3 - Getting Help for Yourself or Others



The following PDF articles extend the information presented in the mental health training videos above and can be downloaded or printed if you wish.  

Being out in nature has been shown to decrease stress. But for many student-athletes, it's tough to make time to do anything outside of school and sport. So, here's the next best thing: Click on each of the links below to listen to these 10-minute relaxing nature audio recordings. You can also download them.


Click on these links for more information on mental health resourses.

  • VCU's University Counseling Services. This site includes links to many self-help resources.
  • ULifeline. This resource includes a "Self Evaluator" to help you determine if you should seek counseling.
  • "Mind, Body, and Sport." An excellent resource from the NCAA's Sport Science Institute with information on the mental health of student-athletes.

Contact VCU Sport Psychologist at drblackm@vcu.edu, 804-828-8978, or use the Make Appointment page to schedule a confidential consultation.