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Cincinnati, Ohio




Navy Blue and White

A-10 Member Since

Father Michael Graham
(University of Michigan)

Athletics Director
Mike Bobinski
(University of Notre Dame)

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Distance from the Siegel Center- 8 hours and 36 minutes (bus or driving) and approximately 3 hours (flight).

Athletics- Xavier fields 18 NCAA athletic teams. Including men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s swimming, men’s and women’s track and field, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s soccer and volleyball. 
Fun Facts-
  • Was found in 1831, and is a private Catholic and Jesuit University. It was the first Jesuit School in the Northwest Territory, and the sixth oldest Jesuit school in the United States.
  • The University has an enrollment of 4,000 undergraduate students as well as 2,600 graduate students.
  • Xavier plays its home basketball games in the Cintas Center which was open on campus in 2000. Also plays home to Xavier Volleyball matches.
  • The building seats 10,250 people and also is used for a concert venue on campus. (Concerts include: Bob Dylan, OAR, Dane Cook, among many others)
  • Xavier has a graduation rate of 94% of its student-athletes which is third in the country behind Duke and Stanford.
  • Xavier is one of a handful of universities who use two mascots. D'Artagnan, the Musketeers is the schools official mascot, and was established in 1925. Probably more famous however is the Blue Blob, which is a furry creature that makes appearance at Xavier sporting events including the annual Blue Blob Appreciation night at a men’s basketball game each season. 
  • The Blue Blob has been seen in SportsCenter commercials, most recently with anchors Scott Van Pelt, John Anderson, and NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly.

Notable Alumni

  • John Bohener, Speaker of the House
  • David West, NBA Player (Indiana Pacers)
  • Jim Bunning, Former Kentucky Senator, and Baseball Hall of Famer, threw the sixth perfect game in big league history
  • James Posey, NBA Player (Miami Heat)