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It is a tremendous honor to be able to represent VCU in your designated sport, however you must be aware of your responsibilities as a student-athlete.  As a VCU student-athlete, there are several NCAA, Atlantic 10 and VCU rules and regulations that you must adhere to.  This section of the website provides an overview of the information that affects you directly. Our Athletics Compliance Staff looks forward to being a resource to you throughout your career as a student-athlete at VCU by answering your questions and helping you understand the rules.  Please contact the VCU Athletics Compliance Office if you have any questions or concerns.

Extra Benefits

A student-athlete at VCU may not receive anything tangible or anything of value not available to the general student-body. Because receipt of an extra benefit will jeopardize your eligibility, whether you receive an extra benefit or simply believe you may have received an extra benefit, you must report such receipt to the VCU Athletics Compliance Office. In turn, our office will do everything possible to keep your eligibility intact.

Some common examples of extra benefits include the following:
  •     Special discounts & credits
  •     Free or reduced cost(s) for services
  •     Use of credit cards or telephones for personal reasons without charge
  •     Entertainment services, such as free tickets to a sporting event

Occasional Meals

NCAA bylaws allow coaches and boosters to provide student-athletes with an occasional meal.  The rules related to occasional meals vary depending on whether a booster is providing the meal or a VCU staff member is providing the meal.  Occasional meals must be approved by the VCU Athletics Compliance Office to ensure the meal is in accordance with NCAA rules and regulations.

  • If a VCU staff member is providing the meal, the meal must occur within the locale of VCU and the staff member may arrange for reasonable transportation to attend the meal.
  • If a VCU booster is providing the meal, the meal must occur in the booster’s home or on VCU's campus. Boosters may also provide reasonable local transportation to attend an occasional meal, but only if the meal occurs at the booster’s home.  It is permissible for a booster to have a meal catered.


Student-Athlete Employment Form

NCAA regulations allow student-athletes to earn legitimate on- and off- campus employment income.  To be “legitimate,” the income must be for work actually performed and it cannot exceed the going rate in the locality for similar work.  Furthermore, the work cannot include any income received for the value of the student-athlete that results from his or her athletic reputation.

If you plan to seek employment, you must visit the VCU Athletics Compliance Office to complete the appropriate paperwork.

ASK before you ACT!