NYC is comprised of five boroughs.   The two boroughs you should be focused on are Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Brooklyn is hosting the tournament, Manhattan is the place most think of when they think of New York City.  It is the cultural hub, with considerable commercial, entertainment, historical, and culinary attractions.

Brooklyn lies to the east and southeast of Manhattan across the East River and has seen a remarkable renaissance in the past few years.  Significant redevelopment has begun and some believe Brooklyn is an up-and-coming and hip challenger to its legendary neighbor, Manhattan.   However, since Barclays only opened its doors in late 2012, the commercial ecosystem around the stadium is underdeveloped relative to Manhattan.

Each borough is huge, and driving from end to end within either borough may require up to a 30 minute car ride.  This means that as you look to determine where you’ll stay, you need to focus on the specific neighborhood in each borough.  Staying in certain parts of Brooklyn, though sounding closer and more convenient to the Barclays, may actually be quite a bit farther than certain neighborhoods in Manhattan.

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NY’s Finest have done an excellent job over the past 20 years to reduce crime in NYC.  But it is still a city.  Guests should NOT be afraid, but they should be aware, and use good common sense.  Some tips follow.

Editor’s Note:  Following is a quick reference guide for VCU basketball fans planning the trip to Brooklyn.  This is an unofficial guide, created in December 2012, from sources believed to be credible and correct.  However,  VCU and the author will bear no responsibility for the original, or maintained, accuracy.  Opinions stated are those of the author, and may not align with individual readers sensibilities.  We strongly encourage readers to make their own decisions after doing their own work, and encourage fans to visit online travel sites for additional resources.